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College Perceptions and Lifestyles of the College Student
Here's the truth. No hidden messages. No jokes. This is it.

We are students - first year college students - going to completely different schools in completely different cities. One is attending the largest public university in the state of Virginia while another is attending a private Christian college in Norfolk, VA. One lives in a dorm; the other is an only child living at home. We are living different experiences and we want to share them - the true experiences - that make up our first year.

We will not lie and we will not hold back. There will be times when we will have to change names to protect the innocent, but everything else is true. We are not going to fake anything here. We are not going to try and please everyone. This is the truth: our first year confessions.

What will you see here?
● Entries. Some long, some short.
● Tips. Yes, we have advice.
● Possibly some random doodles, if we feel the urge.
● Maybe some pictures (all of them will be worksafe).
● Relevant external links.
● Open communication between ourselves and you, the reader.
● Humor. We aren't dead!

What won't you see here?
● Posts about some fandom or something unless it has relevancy.
● Links to random youtube videos or myspaces.
● Pictures that have no bearing at all.
● Porn. I'm sorry, but take your needs elsewhere.
● Out and out blasting of other people/schools.
● Trolls. If we suspect one, it's on.
● Cheating. We will not post exam questions/answers. Take your needs elsewhere.

topazdragon88 and bishojokitsune

Both of us welcome new friends to our personal journals. Just post to our journals to let us know that you have added us. It's a small favor.

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